Monday, April 22, 2013

Relaxing Ho Chi Minh - Day 3

 I would say breakfast spread was pretty sumptuous in Grand Silverland Hotel, they have everything Western to Vietnamese.
 Awesome beef pho to start my day with.
 Trying not to be greedy but the spread is too irresistible..
 How often you seen poached egg on breakfast spread?!
 Started our half day Cuchi tour visiting the handicap art craft factory
 Artist using duck egg shell to decorate...
 Artist using mother of pearl (shells) to decorate...
 It takes a long time to complete a piece..

 Finally, the entrance of Cuchi tour forest.
 Video explaining how the Vietnamese fight and won the US army. 
 Guide explaining the magnification length of cuchi tunnel, 350km. No blueprints back then as tunnel was dug as and when the farmers are free.

 Tadah.. I am gone.
 Am i too big for cuchi?

Black, the true villages, locals.
 Green, Vietcong guerrillas, Ho Chi Minh's army from the north.
Can you see the ventilation hole?

This is how they work out in army. Just kidding.
Trap samples

Cold dark war....
Level 1 of cuchi tunnel, there are a total of 3 level.

Entering the shooting range...

Dilemma between AK47 or M16. We took at tab at $20 for 10 bullets.

Shooting range
Lady showing how to make rice paper, stable food for easy storage.

Guide explaining car tyre made slipper also known as Uncle Ho (Chi Minh) Slipper.

Back to town, messy network cables. We dont see this in expensive expat town, all cables underground like what we did in Singapore.
Lunch at Nha Hang Ngon, a place highly recommended by Mel.
Though this place is crowded with foreigners, most staff couldn't communicate in English, it's best to google and know what you want in mind.

Lime soda to cure the heat

Grill clams, my wrong order, wanted to order grill scallop we ate last night in XO tour.
Bo Bun Hue again
More fresh spring roll
Tamarind (assam) crab turns out to be Vietnam style chili crab, i remembered this was only 12USD.
BBQ pork with broken rice
On the way to the rest room, we saw more food lining up at the side of the restaurant.
Some banana sago, i will be back again.
Not sure what's this, spring roll wrapped with... 
Sugar cane chicken
Desert at Fanny Ice Cream, a highly raved about ice cream parlor in Ho Chi Minh.

Wow elaborate ice cream design, Wow Wow for the cheap price (only USD4-6).
Ordered the most expensive and most recommended item in the menu, Fruitti lotus wrap, USD6.
Can you see that pretty little chocolate made white lotus. 
Abundance of fruits, lotus, lotus seed. Love they added passion fruit in this combi, so refreshing and delicious.
I ordered the cabbage green tea with macadamia flavor. Cabbage leaves too, are made out of white chocolate.
Another closer picture of the cabbage leaves. "Sauce" is actually honey and wolf-berries are actually cranberries.
More moving, sight seeing in town. Notre dame Ho Chi Minh, French misses home.
The Post office

I became daring once more (not scare after Taiwan food poisoning experience), i bought road side food from this two friendly aunty. Not sure if they charged me more, i paid about 1SGD for this toasted Vietnamese Tacos.
Already look delicious right? It is.. super delish.
Rice paper turned crispy after lightly toasted over the charcoal.
Regret i only dare to purchase one, so yummy.

More walking and shopping. Hand sew, so cute!
My only loot this whole trip, a dress from a Japanese boutique. Not really cheap, about 50SGD, Singapore price.
Mojoto to end the night. Suppose to have nice French dinner but The Husband is too lazy to go out after shower.


FoodieFC said...

the food looks food! I would try the street food if my parents are not ard =P

The traps looks scary.. all the nails =S

Strawberry Sorbet said...

Lol. my husband didnt dare to try too. It was fun, hcm. Worth to visit before they get expensive. :D